Meet with your MP

The Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations (AFUO), the peak body for the Ukrainian community in Australia, is grateful for the support we have received from Australians and the Australian Government during Russia’s illegal, brutal, and genocidal full-scale invasion.

But the fight is far from over.

Ukraine’s current counteroffensive requires much international support. The seasonal nature of the war sees Ukraine needing this support in the first instance in the (Northern hemisphere) spring and summer seasons.

The AFUO repeats its call for the Australian Government to provide more military support to Ukraine, in line with the requests made by the Ukrainian government, in a sustained and systematic manner.

Campaign For Ukraine

To keep the community and Federal Members of Parliament engaged in supporting Ukraine, we have initiated a community engagement program called Campaign for Ukraine. The campaign requests community members to share their personal stories of the impact of the war with their local MP, with a call to provide more military aid to Ukraine.

The military ask is threefold:

More of the same – Bushmasters, M113s, Howitzers, drones, training

Military aid already provided by the Australian Government has been hugely successful and effective on the Ukrainian frontlines. The Ukrainian Government has requested ‘more of the same’ if capacity exists and the resources are not being currently used.


New capability – Hawkeis, Tank coalition

The Ukrainian Government has identified Hawkeis light armoured vehicles and Abrams tanks as providing new battlefield capability that will be critical in the counter-offensive.


The AFUO’s Defend Ukraine Appeal raises funds to provide non-lethal military aid to Ukraine.

A small grants program has allowed community members to apply for non-lethal military aid for family members and friends who are defending Ukraine on the frontline. To date, we have expended approximately $250,000 on items required by frontline defenders, such as off-road vehicles, protective gear, drones, communication equipment and generators.

Another campaign that was recently announced is our #Utes4Ukraine campaign. Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, General Zaluzhnyy, has requested our community’s help to provide vehicles (utes, 4 x 2 trucks) for the counteroffensive, specifically for the purposes of medical evacuation, transporting personnel, and logistics. We will purchase these vehicles in Australia, and transport them to Ukraine.