Adopt a Drone

Adopt a Drone

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a drone used by Ukrainian defenders named after you?


Own a piece of history and participate in the AFUO’s Defend Ukraine Appeal (DUA) Adopt a Drone campaign to create your own personalised drone!👌


🍩 Donate over $3,000 and you can order an image/text to be hand-drawn on your drone by the True Blue and a Little Bit of Yellow artist collective. Designs can be created from a supplied image or from a verbal description, and you will be sent an image of your drone. For larger donations, DUA can send you images of the drones as they arrive on the frontline.


💪 Drones are used for reconnaissance on the Ukrainian front-line but are in short supply. They are critical to enhance the safety and effectiveness of Ukrainian defenders.


🇺🇦 Ukrainian defenders have said they really enjoy receiving these personalised drones, as it makes them feel supported and loved. Let’s not only help with critical equipment, but strive to lift morale and show that Australia cares!


To order your drone, go to ➡️
To donate, click here ➡️

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