Med-evacs for Ukraine


Ukrainians are defending our future and right to be free. The overwhelming majority of people, who joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine after the start of the full-scale russian invasion had no prior military training. These are simple doctors, teachers, lawyers, farmers, just like you and me… people, who never wanted to pick up arms, but had to do so to protect their families.


The Defend Ukraine Appeal team works directly with soldiers on the frontline to assess their needs in real time. We have this direct contact because these people are family and friends of our community members. They are someone’s brother, son, or father. 


One of the highest priority needs for them remain med-evacs (medical evacuation vehicles).  There is a critical shortage of armoured vehicles, so even simple off-road vehicles can be used as med-evacs. If a wounded soldier does not receive medical treatment within the first hour (often referred to as the ‘golden hour’) there is a very high chance the soldier will die. This is why it is so critical to have vehicles that can swiftly transport such soldiers to safety and let them receive the medical attention that they need.


We are fundraising for five med-evacs for Ukraine. We are appealing to everyone to save the lives of our loved ones and to donate towards med-evacs by pressing the “Donate” button below.